Aims & Objectives

The fundamental aims and objectives of JOURNAL OF MEDIA HORIZONS (JMH) is focusing on advancing knowledge, fostering critical analysis, and promoting the discussion of media-related topics. The sub aims and objectives of JMH are as follows;

1. Advance Scholarship: To contribute to the academic and practical understanding of media studies by publishing high-quality, original research.
2. Promote Interdisciplinary Dialogue: To encourage conversations between various disciplines such as communication, cultural studies, sociology, and technology, reflecting the multifaceted nature of media.
3. Foster Innovation: To highlight innovative methodologies, theories, and practices within the field of media studies.
4. Reflect Global Perspectives: To incorporate diverse global viewpoints, ensuring that the journal reflects a wide range of cultural and regional contexts.

1. Publish Peer-Reviewed Research: To maintain a rigorous peer-review process that ensures the publication of high-quality, impactful research articles.
2. Encourage Critical Analysis: To provide a platform for critical thinking and analysis of contemporary media issues, trends, and phenomena.
3. Support Emerging Scholars: To provide opportunities for early-career researchers and scholars to publish their work and gain visibility in the academic community.
4. Disseminate Knowledge: To make research findings accessible to a broader audience, including academics, practitioners, and the general public.
5. Facilitate Academic Networking: To serve as a hub for scholars to connect, collaborate, and share ideas.
6. Promote Ethical Standards: To uphold high ethical standards in the conduct and reporting of research, ensuring integrity and transparency.
7. Engage with Current Issues: To respond to and engage with current events and emerging trends in the media landscape, providing timely and relevant insights.
8. Host Special Issues and Themes: To periodically focus on specific themes or issues within media studies, fostering in-depth exploration of particular topics.
9. Utilize Digital Platforms: To leverage digital platforms for the dissemination and discussion of research, including social media, blogs, and online forums.